Expense Reimbursement

What is reimbursable by SC20? What will you need to cover on your own, whether through your staff account or out-of-pocket? Read on for more details regarding expense reimbursement for SC20.

The SC20 account number is 751287. Enter this into the “Cost Center” field in Workday (not Field Cost Center).


SC20 will cover the cost for an economy roundtrip ticket between Orlando and your city of work origin (your home base airport).

SC20 will not reimburse the following travel extras:

  • Travel Meals
  • Additional seat selection fees 
  • Additional travel insurance
  • Early bird check-in fees
  • Change fees
  • Any additional flight upgrades to the economy base ticket cost

SC20 will reimburse the following travel extras:

  • One checked piece of luggage per person, up to $30 for each flight (a total reimbursement of $60), AND
  • EITHER mileage to and from your home base airport and parking at your home base airport up to $10 per day for a maximum of five days (a total reimbursement of $50)
  • OR The cost of a taxi or Uber ride to your home base airport, up to $30 per one-way trip (a total reimbursement of $60)

Additional costs beyond what is listed here must be covered out of pocket or from your personal staff account. Refer to the Staff Life Site for InterVarsity’s expense policies and procedures. For information about family expenses, please see the Family page.


Your reimbursement for mileage (if you are driving a personal vehicle) or rental car costs and gas for a rental car (if you are renting) will be prorated according to the number of Staff Conference attendees traveling in the car with you (see chart below). For any amount not reimbursed by SC20 (per guidelines below) you are welcome to reimburse that amount from your own personal staff account with your supervisor’s approval.

1 Staff = $0.29/mile or 50% of rental cost (driving by yourself)
2 Staff = $0.43/mile or 75% of rental cost (yourself and 1 other full-time staff)
3 Staff = $0.575/mile or 100% of rental cost (yourself and 2 other full-time staff)

Expense reports should be submitted within 60 days of the date of travel in Workday. Anything submitted after the 60 day period will not be reimbursed. 


Lunches out on the 3rd and 5th will need to be charged to your staff account or area/region/department account (if you do not have a staff account). Lunches charged to SC20 will be removed in Workday and you will be responsible for resubmitting them to your own account.

After SC20, a transfer will be made back into your staff/area/region/department account to offset the costs that you spent. The limit is $20/lunch.

If you are unable to fast from lunch on January 4 for medical and health related purposes, you may charge lunch on this day to SC20 when submitting your expense report.